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When a problem occurs on my site how often do you send out notifications?
We send a text message and/or an email out instantly. We then follow up sending additional emails at a frequency based on your settings if we continue to detect a problem.

When a problem occurs on my site how soon will I receive a notice?
There are a few factors at play here that will effect the time it takes from us sending a notification (email & text messages) and you receiving a notice. Some of those factors are telecommunication company's SMS (text messages) network performance and your spam email filter performance. Typically the time will vary between 10 seconds and a few minutes.

On what conditions will a fault occur and hence a notification be sent?
When using Ping:
  • Your website goes down (not responding)
  • Your website does not respond before the timeout setting (performance issues)
When using Http:
  • Your website is down (not responding)
  • Your website does not respond before the given timeout setting
  • We receive a 5xx "Server Error" Http Status Code
  • We receive a 4xx "Client Error" Http Status Code
  • If a "Successful Response" phrase was entered for a given URL and we didn't receive that specific phrase
Note: Http Status Codes 1xx, 2xx, and 3xx are valid. If you need a notification when a 3xx level Http Status Code occurs please contact us.

I would like to use your service on an authenticated web application, is this possible?
Not currently, however this new feature will be available shortly. Please check back at a later time.

The fastest time interval to check my site for any issues is five minutes. I need to check every one minute. Is this possible?
Not currently in our beta version however we will be release a full version in Q3 2012. At which time the interval can be set between 1 and 30 minutes.

The Detector worked for a few minutes and then I started receiving timeout issues?
Some websites choose to block frequently repeating requests (bots). The higher the frequency is for checking your website(s), the more of a chance our Detector will get blocked by your server and will show up as a timeout failure.

To prevent this:
  • Set the URL – Interval value to a higher number
  • Contact your network administrator/hosting company to allow all requests from our Detector’s user agent of "WebFailurDetector.com"
  • Group your URLs under the same server and set an appropriate spacing interval. This functionality can be found here.
  • Change the Detector Type from Http to Ping


I forgot my username?
Please use the Forgot Username link.

I forgot my password?
Please use the Forgot Password link.

The email address I used when I registered doesn't work anymore, and I can't access my account. What do I do?
This is one of the ways we confirm that we're communicating with the correct user. However, if your registered email address is out-of-date and you have no way of accessing it, contact us and we will call the company on file with the account to verify any needed updates.


How much does it cost?
Currently, the services provided by this website are Free during beta release. Full release is expected in Q3 of 2012. At which time we expect to charge a few dollars per month for the service. We will still offer a free option for those that don't mind using a higher time interval for detecting problems.

Where can I view the Terms of Use?
Please go to the Terms of Use link. It is also located on the top right of every page.

Where can I view the Terms of Use that I signed for my particular company?
The Terms of Use must be read and signed for by each company before we will start dectecting your website for any problems. To view a signed Terms of Use click on "My Account", login if needed, under the "Company" section there is a column of "Terms of Use" where you can click on the link to view the Terms of Use. If no company is present please add one and an option to view the Terms of Use will arise.

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