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Website uptime monitoring service

Our Service Provides

Around the clock monitoring of your mission critical websites, web applications, blogs, and URLs. We make sure your visitors are able to view healthy web pages from your servers. When we detect a problem we will notify people from your contacts list via email and/or text messages.

We Do More Than A Simple Ping Check

It is important to mimic your visitors as closely as possible. That is why we do more than a simple ping “Server are you there?” check. You have the option for a ping or a full http web request that analyzes your website’s response and lets you know if any problems occurred. This approach allows our customers greater flexibility by way of customizing the Detector settings according to their needs.

Get Emails & Text Messages When:

  • Your website is down (not responding)
  • Your website does not respond before the timeout setting (performance issues)
  • Your website produces a 5xx "Server Error" Http Status Code
  • Your website produces a 4xx "Client Error" Http Status Code
  • Using the optional "Successful Response" phrase and we didn't receive that specific phrase. This is great for detecting if a URL action completed successfully. For example, adding an item to a shopping cart.
  • Detector Webpage, URL, Hostname, and Domain Examples:




    • Http://www.YourSite.com
    • Https://www.YourSite.com
    • Http://www.YourSite.co.uk
    • Http://Custom.YourSite.com
    • Http://www.YourSite.com/Custom.php
    • Http://www.YourSite.com/Custom.asp
    • Http://www.YourSite.com/WebApplication/Default.aspx
    • Http://Store.YourSite.com/Shopping/Products?ItemID=123
    • YourSite.com
    • YourSite.co.uk
    • www.YourSite.com
    • yoursubdomain.YourSite.com

    100% Free

  • Unlimited number of websites / URLs
  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Unlimited email & text messages
  • Website Uptime

  • Have a mission critical web application?
  • Need to maintain an uptime guarantee?
  • Losing money due to downtime?
  • Web Failure Detector addresses these needs and improves response times helping your website get back up on it’s feet quickly.


    I have been using WebFailureDetector.com for a few months now and I have been very impressed. The system is easy to setup, customizable, and of course is free. It's hard to beat that combination.

    - - - - - Kimberly W.

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